name mode size
ac97 040000
aoa 040000
arm 040000
atmel 040000
core 040000
drivers 040000
firewire 040000
hda 040000
i2c 040000
isa 040000
mips 040000
oss 040000
parisc 040000
pci 040000
pcmcia 040000
ppc 040000
sh 040000
soc 040000
sparc 040000
spi 040000
synth 040000
usb 040000
x86 040000
Kconfig 100644 3 kb
Makefile 100644 1 kb
ac97_bus.c 100644 3 kb
last.c 100644 1 kb
sound_core.c 100644 16 kb
Linux kernel ============ This file was moved to Documentation/admin-guide/README.rst Please notice that there are several guides for kernel developers and users. These guides can be rendered in a number of formats, like HTML and PDF. In order to build the documentation, use ``make htmldocs`` or ``make pdfdocs``. There are various text files in the Documentation/ subdirectory, several of them using the Restructured Text markup notation. See Documentation/00-INDEX for a list of what is contained in each file. Please read the Documentation/process/changes.rst file, as it contains the requirements for building and running the kernel, and information about the problems which may result by upgrading your kernel.