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(sort of) recent stuff

^ [Image capture on embedded Linux system (@FOSDEM2018)

^ [Using mutt for linux kernel development; March 2017

^ [Hacking the Jetson board flash procedure; Sept 2016

^ [Enable VIVI V4L2 test driver on Android; July 2015

^ [Add a new system service to Android Lollipop - Hosted on Linaro Blogs!; July 2015

^ [Debug native libraries in Android with gdb; July 2015

^ [Introduction to Android power management; May 2014]


Some stuff I wrote in the past

* [Hetnet: heterogeneous networking with low cost sensors]

* [GPIOs on Beagleboard: user space and kernel space interfacing with gpios on BeagleBoard]

* [Introduction and examples for AVR XMega platforms]

Some slides, for some event, in the past

- [Introduction to physical computing; Free Media Days, Perugia 2011]

- [Introduction to ARM powered SoC; ADMStaff reloaded, Bologna 2010]

- [Protocols and methods for Low Power Sensor Networks; Bologna 2011]

- [Evolutionary prospective in Wireless Sensor Networks; Bologna, 2011]